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GenAI Hackathon: Bring your Business Ideas to Life in 2 days

Are you ready to harness the power of Generative AI to elevate your business and use cases to new heights?

Join us in our exclusive two-day hack, conducted in collaboration with Microsoft. This unique opportunity will empower you to transform your business operations and offerings by leveraging the remarkable capabilities of Azure OpenAI.

Register now to explore the art of the possible with Generative AI for free – but remember, space is limited, so register early to avoid disappointment.

Date: Tuesday 4th - Wednesday 5th June 2024
Time: 10am - 5pm
Venue: Microsoft UK, 33 Genotin Road, Enfield, London, EN1 2AG


12:00 Friday 24th May - form submission deadline
17:00 Wednesday 29th May (at the very latest) - all applications will be processed and notified 
10:00 Tuesday 4th June - the hack kicks off

If you have additional material that you want to add to support your application such as architectural diagrams, design specs, etc, please email them to once you have submitted this form, quoting "Microsoft GenAI Hackathon" in the subject line.

What is the hackathon?

These hacks are appropriate for a wide variety of projects, from exploring the “the art of the possible” to hands-on development. The hack is a two day, highly focused, very productive, deep technical activity, where your developers, designers and architects can work on your Microsoft technology-based projects/use cases with Elastacloud and Microsoft technical experts to support.

Our team, alongside Microsoft, will provide guidance and advice on technology, products, architecture, design, and best practices to help you solve this challenge using Microsoft cloud platform services and Elastacloud solution accelerators. 

Why should I attend the hackathon?

Over the last few years our team has run numerous hacks to help Microsoft partners and customers take their ideas and plans and turn them into reality through POCs, MVPs and working solutions, across a whole breadth of MS Data & AI technologies. The hacks help de-risk projects, proves the feasibility of idea,  kick start new development projects and explore new technologies.  We can also assist you in speeding up the process of turning the solution you developed during the hackathon into a production-ready solution.

What is my commitment?

Companies applying for the hack are expected to commit a minimum of two developers for the entire 2 day hack, and have a clear idea of what they intend to achieve. Project management, business stake holders and customers are also welcome but bear in mind this is a technical activity so they would be in addition to the two developers/architects as minimum requirement.  

As part of the application process you will need to provide some details about your plans, to ensure it is a good fit for the hack, and that we have the right resources in place to support them. It’s normal for our hacks to be oversubscribed, so please provide full and accurate details on this application form (a few short sentences is not enough - it is essential you share your plans and the hack scope, along with details of what success looks like for you, and any challenges you need to address).

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